1. An INFJ’s home is his sanctuary, an almost sacred place that is likely to be one of the few places (or the only place), where he feels comfortable. An INFJ’s sense of balance is greatly upset by disorder, especially when that disorder is present in his sanctuary. So, when you’re in an INFJ’s home, (or office, or car), clean up after yourself! However….
2. Just make sure you don’t mess with the INFJ’s “system”—his organization of drawers, cupboards, closets, etc. This is worse than putting up with a slob. (For example, I would never let someone else do my laundry or put my dishes away).
3. Have respect for the INFJ’s privacy. He is an intensely private person, both with his personal possessions and his thoughts. Even coming to the INFJ’s home without calling first and giving plenty of warning is seen as a HUGE invasion of his privacy, and is one of the worst violations you can commit against the INFJ.
4. Don’t touch! Hands off! INFJs are not touchy-feely people. Unless you have a very close relationship with him or her, you would do well to ensure that you don’t violate the INFJ’s personal space. This results in an INFJ feeling incredibly uncomfortable (I can’t stress that enough).
5. When engaged in conversation with an INFJ, pay attention! INFJs abhor small talk, and seek deep, meaningful conversations with someone who is willing to set aside all distractions and fully devote himself to the discussion at hand. So, turn off the T.V. or radio, sit down, listen thoughtfully, speak truthfully, and take an active interest in the conversation. When an INFJ is speaking with you, his attention is fully devoted to you. He expects nothing less in return.

These “rules” may seem daunting, but INFJs are intense people—if you can’t handle the intensity of the INFJ, and follow the rules, you will never be anything more than a mere acquaintance

How to get along with an INFJ (or how not to become the subject of an INFJ’s evil revenge fantasies (via farewelltoapril)

This is such a GPOY, it’s almost scary.  When people touch my ‘systems’ of things I jksflsdf;k NO. NO. NO. 

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How to Understand an INFJ

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  2. These collected observations of INFJ’s still hold true for anyone getting to know an INFJ. We are consistent to our own internal organization. There is a…




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missbunnylunaThirty-one Days of HalloweenThe Addams Family

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Countries that look like other countries, with bonus wow content

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